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Tyler Durden:
Not sure if this is the right spot, but...

I just cut a check to DAV and began to wonder if there was a better charity to donate to.  I started looking into it a little bit and found DAV is rated a "D" by the Charity Watch website, but a 98/100 on Charity Navigator.  Not sure what that's all about.  A charity by the name of Operation Homefront was rated very high for a veterans' charity.  Also, the highest rated cancer charity by Consumer Reports was the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Anybody familiar with those last two?

Also, I remember Jack having a guy on several years back with Bella Medical Ministries that did some impressive work in Haiti, but that doesn't seem to exist anymore.  Their FB page is gone and Google doesn't return much.  Wonder what happened there?

I have donated to  ,I never really looked at how they rate...but I think it may be better just to give to someone

who needs help.PUT MONEY IN THEIR HAND,not some group.

I agree with Carl... cut out the middle man and all those administrative expenses that plague so many large charitable organizations by giving locally... maybe there is a local foodbank, or even a local veteran's group (if you like giving to veterans) that would get more of your donation directly where it needs to go.  My husband donates time and money to a local organization that drives veterans to doctor appointments... virtually no overhead at all and a really useful way to assist.

David in MN:
Charity is such a bad issue. "Big Charity" has done more damage to this noble cause than one can estimate. Be very careful. The vast majority have problems with internal costs (look at their books) and many advertise one cause but give to another.

Bottom line for me: if I wanted to launder money and skim off the top in present day America my preferred method would be opening a charity. The closer you can connect the donor and receiver the fewer problems you'll find.

When Wounded Warrior was in the news a few months/years back about their expenses I read quite a few good things about Fisher House Foundation. 

Here's a list of rating for veterans focused charities.


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