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Help me designing new tools for EDC/Survival

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--- Quote from: bcksknr on September 02, 2014, 09:30:02 PM ---     A while back, there was a hatchet/knife/hammer tool that I wish I had bought. It had a straight cutting edge about 3 inches long that ended in a curve on one end, so that it could be used as a knife for field dressing, etc. The poll was round with an aggressive inside thread to attach the hatchet head to a green branch for chopping. the back of the head had a hammer face for pounding. It was forged all in one piece. It was comparatively lightweight and had a compact belt sheath. They were extensively advertised in old issues of American Survival Guide and I think they sold for about $50. I'd give lots to find one at a gun show or have one made.

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Probably a version of this....

I love the drop on hawk heads.  So easy to use in the field, if you break a handle you can shave a stick till it fits.   But I'd like to see some different  designs.  A deeper curve on the cutting surface, also, extend and flatten the sides just a bit, (Use the flats on the side for a hammer instead of the rear) and some kind of wedge or deeply spiked splitting/tearing wedge on the back.  A hammer on the back is ok, but since I don't do a lot of hammering in the woods, the sides would cover that fine and the rear could be used for something more useful for ripping and tearing into earth or wood.  Also make it a bit heavier.  Many are made for throwing and are a bit light.  I'd like to see one with a little more heft behind it.

Here is the CRKT version. 

The hammer on the back is not all that useful to me.  But if the sides were beefed up a bit and flattened the sides could be used as a hammer and the tail could be something more designed to break apart stumps and wood or dig trenches for planting or for digging up roots etc.   

Kind of like a mini mattock+

I have one of these and it's my absolute favorite gardening tool, but not as useful for bushcraft.  It it had a hatchet in place of the flat digger it would be much more useful when I'm out in the woods.  To dig up roots, etc.  It would work as both an axe/hatchet and a digging foraging tool. 

Whoops, forgot to post the pick

     Carl; the blade shape is perfect, but the one I'm thinking of had none of the fancy functions nor the vertical grip. The "grip" was like a swollen cylinder coming out from the center of the blade/edge at a horizontal 90 degree angle with the hammer face on the other end in the center of this "grip" was the large threaded hole for a green branch to be screwed in if more of a traditional chopping tool was needed. Otherwise the "grip" was held in the fist with the blade down and it could be used much like an Inuit ulu knife. I'll try to find a picture or make a drawing.


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