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Hey guys, just got back onto the boards and trying to work out stuff at home with moving and the wedding stuff, but I noticed there was a podcast on one of my FAVORITE hobbies - Airsoft. I've been playing for about 10 years, been through the first steps of noobdom and worked my way up. I'd love to help anyone out who has questions. I've headed up several teams, played with serving and former military and LEOs and have had a ton of fun doing it. I'm looking into talking to the local PD and see if they'd like us local guys to work with them as an OPFOR unit.

If you're going to get into the sport, the most important thing I can tell you is this: BE CAREFUL. For those of who love the sport, nothing is more important. Don't underestimate any replica you use. I've seen eyes and teeth go. Wear your goggles and face protection. And for God's sakes, don't let a LEO you haven't made aware of, see your replica. If anything, alert your local PD if you'll be shooting or playing anywhere where people can see you. If you want to remove your orange tips, do so out of sight and replace them or an orange plug for transport. I've got no issue doing more on the topic if requested.

On to the good stuff.

My TM (Tokyo Marui) 1911 Colt .45 gas blowback (GBB) acts as my main sidearm. The CYMA Glock 18c secondary electric non-blowback with standard and extended magazine was a dubious purchase for me as CYMAs original products were poorly made and not up to par. This has, for the most part, been reversed and they have increased their quality control substantially.

This is my Jing Jong (JG) M733, smaller than a normal M4. The Glock and Colt are there to look pretty and for size comparison. The magazine is taped to denote 30 rounds, and this weapon is normally carried by my medic.

Here is my main rifle, an Echo1 DMR/M16. The barrel sports a Marui Pro Knights Mock Suppressor, not necessarily for aesthetics, it adds some length to the barrels overall length, adding accuracy, but is a beat to move around with. The internals of this rifle have been upgraded to meet the needs of more range and power, so much in fact none of my current batteries can turn the gears and test shots from the friend who did the work annihilated the target, so once operational care will be a priority. The mounted optic is a red dot ACOG replica for quick target acquisition. Blue tape denotes 100 rounds and is accompanied by a Magpul magazine pull to allow me to remove it quickly from my vest as a normal combat load for me is about 16 magazines. And of course, my ghetto sling.

Here they are together.

Currently I also have in my collection:

Several TM Famas'.
Classic Army (CA) G36c.
UTG Tri-shot Shogun.
Numerous Springers.

I'll try to have some pics of those up tomorrow if possible, along with current gear. Additionally, I can post reviews on any of this equipment or answer inquiries pertaining to questions form anyone looking to get into the sport feet first or just to dip a toe in the water and help you avoid all the mistakes newcomers normally make.

Have a good night all, and enjoy.

Those are cool.  I've got a few cheapies laying around including a couple of springer Glocks I use for cat deterence (outside ferals).

I just have a hard time processing how much some of the "toys" go for.  I used to work with a guy that was big time into Airsoft.  He had all kinds of cool stuff, full metal M60, a SAW, gas blow back Mack 10 & H&K MP5.  The Mack 10 was seriously impressive, it would literally empty a full mag in the blink of an eye.   I could hit one of the guys at work across the parking (around 40 yards) with the HK & it would leave a welt.

Really nice, one of those things I just haven't parted with the money yet for but plan to.


Indeed, money is important to the sport, and almost every single person wishes they'd spent more or less once they spend it. I've had dozens of replicas and made mistakes before too. However, if anyone has any questions wondering what might work best for them and for a budget, let me know and I can give you lots and lots of info.

I'll try to get a few more pictures up before I leave for the weekend, but no promises. Might have to wait for next week.

I've been wanting to get a Ai rsoft Glock  For force on force training and to practice in home.
I can't seem to find any other than the spring operated ones.

Can you Point me in the right direction?

Also What is you opinion on using air soft to teach basic marksmanship to Kids or even adults who have zero experience with firearms?
I've been toying with the idea of implementing that as part of my training classes for youth.

And do you do any force on force training?


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