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Episode 126 All on Airsoft and Shooting

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Thanks so much for the kind words bruiser!  I am passionate about many things and gun ownership is a big one.  Many outside the shooting sports that are very liberty minded just don't see how critical gun ownership is in a fee NON DEPENDENT society.

Our mission as responsible shooters (be it airsoft, slingshots, bows and arrows or 460 Weatherby Magnums) needs to be to educate, train and create more responsible shooters.

Consistent safety education is what's lacking in airsoft currently.  Since airsoft is easy to get, there are many uneducated, though not necessarily irresponsible, shooters in the sport.  I hope that with education such as yours, real shooters will embrace airsoft products and the hobby and help educate airsoft enthusiasts that may become future gun enthusiasts and hunters.

I loved that Airsoft episode, but there's a few things I think I could add.

First off, most airsoft guns are made in China. They don't care about copyright laws there, so most guns are, externally anyway, exact duplicates of real guns, even down to serial numbers in some cases. When buying guns online, realize that the "stores" selling them markup the guns different amounts, and they all have to be imported. So when one dealer is out of a gun, most other dealers will be too. Also real accessories, like lights and bipods, will fit on these guns. As far as ammo capacity goes, "small cap" mags can be purchased. These really enhance the realism of the guns because it limits your ammo to 30 rounds per mag instead of the unreal 300+ rounds in the "high caps".

I recommend playing airsoft with others sometime too. It provides invaluable experience. You learn people's reactions to confrontations, tactics, proper safety, communication skills, the list goes on and on. If anyone has more questions I'd be happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

I have been wanting to get the miss to shoot for sometime but she has always said not only no but HELL NO!!! Well over the years it has been getting softer to the other day her mom said she wanted me to teach her to shoot and get a pistol herself. That changed the miss mind all together. Add that on with the Airsoft show that Jack put on and this could all come together very nice for me. I have a 9mm and that is the kind the miss's mom wants also.
So I am going to get one of these to teach shooting.

Can you reuse the pellets? I am going to set up a little target in the garage with some carpet behind the target and a little trough to catch the pellets. That way I can also practice while the wind is blowing in Wyoming in the winter. (WIND IN WYOMING?!?!?! :D )
Thanks Jack for this one what a great way to teach and practice!!!!!

One way to re-use the pellets, as well as not have them all over the garage floor is this:

Take a cardboard IPSC target and cut out the kill zone.
Staple, glue, bublegum a piece of loose fabris all around the hole to make a pouch.

As long as you hit the target, the pellets will be laying in the pouch.  Just turn the pouch inside out to extract them.


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