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Episode 126 All on Airsoft and Shooting

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That looks like a good sight.  I asked because Wally-mart only had 2,000 count.  Looks like you can buy in bulk at that site, but it says it will be closed for several months.  :'(

Just so everyone knows, most airsoft enthusiasts do not buy from Wal Mart. Wal Mart has signed on with another company for exclusive sale rights of inferior products and a monopoly-oriented policy through legislation that actually threatens the sport. Additionally, the 6mm BBs found at Wal Mart will harm most higher end replicas as they have a MUCH higher tendency to shatter inside the replicas firing mechanism and are produced from inferior molds, making them mostly useless. These Wal Mart pieces are the ones normally involved with the random acts of violence or problems that has caused Airsoft to have a bad name and made many people try to enact legislation to prevent the sport from continuing in the states. Parents who buy this stuff from Wal Mart can occasionally, especially if they do not have good weapon conduct, pass it on to their kids. One of the most important things you can do when getting into airsoft is do your homework.


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