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AMPCO Nipples


 Supposedly, these are better than stainless steel for blackpowder. I'm going to give them a try. Anyone else ever use these??

I have some, but prefer the TRESO brand nipples better. The Treso' use the Remington #10 cap, and there is no pinching of caps, or grief involved at all.

I think Track of the Wolf has them, among others.


 Thanks for the input. Am a blackpowder NOOB & am open to suggestions and alternate methods! Will check 'em out!

First, hello everyone, this is my first post.

AMPCO, as I understand it is a bronze alloy.  Treso is a manufacturer of AMPCO nipples.

I'm not positive, but I believe this is the manufacturer of the metal.

Anyway, I shoot a Ruger Old Army every now and then.  That's the extent of my BP experience.  From reading posts about that revolver, a lot of people seem to love the Treso AMPCO replacement nipples.  Apparently, they are less likely to cause that ever-painfull "frozen nipple."  They have two flat sides for easier removal than the stock nipples. 

I've not yet used them, because when I bought the Old Army I also bought an extra dozen of their nipples and a couple of wrenches.  After three years, I've only used one extra nipple because one that I removed became partially stripped.  (You know, that probably could be taken out of context.   ;D)

Anyway, I dug a bit and here's a good thread (on another site) about this type of issue.  I also highly recommend the site generally for firearm/bp info.

A little help on nipple selection



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