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Black Powder 12ga Single Shot


Tactical Badger:
This was a new one to me.  I like it though.

I've always liked the utilitarian nature of the single shot shot gun.  This just adds to that.

I saw that video. I do not know how practical that would be, but I like that guy's line of videos.

I like the video but don't know how practical this technique would be unless you did not have axcess to regular smokeless powder shells. I have a inline single shot BP 12 ga by H&R and it is much simpler to use.

Pretty cool, especially if you couple that knowledge with one of the article in Backwoodsman about making your own black powder.

Now that's neat.  I suppose you could shoot slugs using a similar fashion.  Now that would be cool!

If I recall correctly  didn't Savage or H&R make something similar about 30 years ago?


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