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Dynamo Radio

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Recently acquired 2 of these for inclusion in my kit

Had initially come across them in PNG.   They were originally developed by Trevor Baylis, a UK inventor, who developed them for use in remote African locations.

Have road tested it, and found it works grand.    Should be useful in case of a 'natural' emergency.

The radio includes the following features

1 FM band
2 AM band
3 SW1 - short wave able to receive international transmissions
4 SW2 - short wave able to receive international transmissions
5 LED torch
6 NO BATTERIES required, this is a dynamo operated device. A handle allows you to charge the batteries and will keep the device working for ages.The device working for over 2 hours on a 30 second wind, much more than the manufacturers themselves claim.

Can also be used with batteries or power adaptor

Pics?  Links?  Price?


Dynamo Radio


You may find the same type of Radio on your eBay
 :) :) :)

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I have one of these as well and it does work great. I know have it in BOB. I used it for a long time as a bathroom radio to listen to news while I showered. It seems due to the SW function of the radio the FM comes in stronger. It's just nice to have something as a backup in case of power outage.


It should be noted that you can put batteries in this. It takes 3 of them though - that odd number makes it hard to recharge the batteries.

I listen to the podcast with this radio. I have a FM transmitter jacked into the computer, and turn on the show while I am making lunch.

I have used mine a fair bit. It picked up a 'tick' in the crank, like I busted a tooth in the gearing. I haven't taken it apart yet, but the 'tick' seems to be getting better. It doesn't feel like it's eminently going to break anymore.

I have just two words for it.



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