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Cellulose Fibers for Thermal Underwear?


hi all!
what is your opinion on Cellulose Fibers (Rayon, Modal and Viscose) used in blends in thermal underwear?

me, I am convinced since I enjoy wearing 2 sets, one with a very high content of viscose and one with 50% Viloft, a special kind of viscose.
I find these fibers more comfortable to wear than wool blends and 100% synthetic fibers textiles.

BTW, I would love to point me to any articles on them coming from hiking etc sites, I am collecting material from a blog post.

David in MN:
We typically wear that stuff under our hockey pads to play outside. For real outdoor use I am much more a fan of Soviet surplus wool gear but as always it's just an opinion.

It's hitting it's value in sports where freedom of movement is key. That's what I wear to ski cross-country. Also big with hunters up here. Particularly archers. You could probably get a lot of info looking at Bass Pro / Cabela's. There's a lot of weird fiber stuff they sell for that purpose.

You could probably do yourself well searching hunting, hockey, skiing, and American football. Focus on the upper Midwest and the New England area. And upstate New York. We do athletics in the brutal cold.

Just my $0.02.

I am having second tho that doesughts on viscose fibers.

A couple articles I found criticized viscose holding water,  though the effect is not related to data I found.

But... I hand wash my new viloft Thermal and hang it up to dry.  It seems it takes more than wool..


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