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Getting Rid of Stray Cats... Ethically

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The Morgan Hill Homesteading Project:
put some quail in a cage outside. you will start attracting cats to the area at night. put out a trap with some cat food.

Most people don't have access to Quail.

David in MN:
The problem has largely taken care of itself for me. The idiots feeding the strays wound up being crack or meth heads and as their family falls apart time for feeding strays has vanished. Which is another part of the cruelty. I don't know where the strays went but feeding them and cutting them off is kinda not ethical to me.

I also suspect some neighbors have trapped them. I live between a high end dog breeder and a dog groomer so stray cats are bad for business.

It's really a tough situation to treat animals well. I'd have no compunction shooting a rattlesnake on the drive (and then I'd eat it in green curry) but a stray cat or dog is a whole different world. Maybe I'm a sentimental schmuck but Grandma kept cats and I remember my wife bawling on the phone when her Yorkie died. Strays aren't dangerous like a rattlesnake or a varmint which requires pest control.

For all my big talk I kinda did nothing. I realize a lot think live traps are fine but then I have to deal with a cat and being very allergic I just didn't want that route. Suppose animal control is slow getting here and then I need to go hands on and it just doesn't work.


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