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PSA We bought 30 acres and it's kicking my butt

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Just thought I'd share this.  I didn't consider the fact that owning property would test me physically.  I used to be in shape...blah, blah, blah and have let things go.  I saw the light on friday while attempting to clear about 100sqft of small trees.  I worked for about an hour and was physically spent.  So for anyone planning to buy a homestead consider your physical conditioning.  I am committed to losing 30+ pounds in the next 4-5 months and then continue from there.  Really pissed at myself.

That's what's food about all that, cutting and clearing is good exercise. Do some for awhile and you can have a good nap that office work won't get you

Sounds like a great way to lose that weight.  At least your killing 2 birds with one stone vs spending your time in a gym.  Just take your time.

Regarding office work; I think mine's turning me in to veal.

Doing the work is the exercise, you don't need to loose weight to do the work.
Ever hear the term farmer strong?

tell me about it. my wife and son and i have been clearing tall grass/blackberries for the last few weeks and wife/i really hurt after spending a few hrs of doing it.. who needs a gym, clear blackberry!

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