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Anyone have some good fall fishing tips?

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--- Quote from: Nophix on November 03, 2014, 05:22:06 PM ---Most seasons run together, give or take a couple weeks. I did get a trout stamp this year, and I have yet to fish them. I think I'll give it a shot. I've never been good at trout, though, picky little buggers.

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I'm not familiar with how the seasons go because WV has done away with that for fishing.   We can fish year around for anything so long as we have the stamps for it.

Believe it or not the best (creek, river) fishing i have ever done was while using a rooster tail in the fall. i have no idea why the trout love them so much as nothing in the stream at that current time resembles it. But honest howdy do the fish love it.  Best color choices i have had are green and orange, and black, white.  But as for just general information i would maybe try some live bait as well.

best of luck and happy fishing!


I have caught a lot of trout with this one...

Joe's Fly  Royal Coachman #8.   Where I fish, they tend to strike the gold spinners more than silver.   I have better luck with spinners with a bit of peacock herl and some red coloring.


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