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Fishing Gear for the Long Haul/After SHTF

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Fishing with a rod is for the rich. To feed yourself and family you need a net. Either a casting net or sain net. Fish traps would work well also. Set them up and walk away to do other work, and check the traps a couple times a day.


You should have good supply of line and hooks as they are hard to make in the woods .
I have caught fish on dental floss and a hook carried in my cloth hat...the fish were 'minty fresh'
and cooked up just fine on a stick over fire...My hat carries some hooks,dental floss,matches,and
a fire steel as my BOONEY HAT KIT ,it even had a mora knife and paracord attached....I used every
bit of it at times of need and my survival booney was always good cover.


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