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Fishing Gear for the Long Haul/After SHTF

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I'm on the coast in Central Florida and I quickly figured out that in my area, surf fishing is the best source of protein "off the grid' so to speak.

I'm using a Penn rod and reel combo, and catch sand fleas for bait, caught a nice pompano and a whiting so far as I polish up my skills.


Although I usually fish from a boat, I caught this guy last year from shore.

I used a 6.5' light action Daiwa pack rod and a small reel with 6 lb test line. Bait was a willow leaf spinner with a worm.

Took a good 5 min to play him into shore.

This is 100 yds from the Trans-Canada Highway just off of Montreal.

I say go with a light action pack rod, a small reel with 4-8 lb test line and a small pocket sized tackle box with an assortment of hooks, sinkers and lures for occasional use. If you really need to fish for survival, get some yo-yo's and a gill net.

deer knitter:
nice did you eat him?  they are edible, bony, but edible...

Thanks deer knitter !!

Nope, 99.9% of the fish I catch in those waters I release.

I ate a pike once from this water, very bony and tastes like the river  :P

I'll eat the walleye in the early season or the perch in the winter, but that's it.

That looks like a blast on such light tackle!  way to go ...


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