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Where are all the Region 8 people?

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We've created a Google map to help us figure out where everyone lives in Region 8.  This will help figure out where good centralized locations are for gatherings, either by state or for the region.

You can view and edit this map at .

It should be open for anyone with this URL to edit.  Please add your city (not your house, city is fine) and label the pin with your forum name.  You can add your real name in the description IF YOU WANT (not required).

You will have to log in as a Google User to edit the map (I believe).


Sister Wolf:
This is SO cool!  TW is adding us right now.

The Wilderness:
We are added, this is a great idea, thanks Brian.


This really was an outstanding idea.  Thanks Brian! 

Newb Survivalist:


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