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Salmon Jerky - Want to Try It!


out west dave:
Howdy All,

Was talking with a friend of mine who is back in Tennessee (on Zello channel) and I was surprised that we were both wanting to try to some Alaskan smoked/dried salmon.  Not cooked like the stuff in stores, but like you would see many of the folks along the salmon river in Alaska put up for the year.

If your or anyone you know puts up some of this every year and might be willing to part with a small amount, then let me know and we can work something out.



Well if you want to buy some Google search on the shopping tab. Have plenty money available.
Lots of recipes online.

there is a difference between dried and smoked. Dried tastes like fish cardboard but used in stews.  the jerky is sakted, smoked and can have adds like sugar. teriyaki and such

I'm in WA state, the western part. It's common to see a long line of people, shoulder-to-shoulder, in the salmon season here. Sucks. I haven't fished or hunted in 4yrs because of how bad it is here.
But this thread makes me want some smoked salmon. Luckily good seafood is abundant here.


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