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It’s been a while since I have been active here (7 years). During that time, I studied and got my AE license, joined a local club, and found that because of terrain, I can’t use the club repeater that is only 14-miles away. For the same terrain reason, I can use a repeater that is 55-miles away.

During a SHTF event, things that happen within 100 miles from my location would be more important to me than what is happening in say, Europe or Japan. That is what got me interested in NVIS. I was wondering if anyone on the TSP Ham forum has used NVIS and what successes they have had.There are a couple of good articles on the subject if some (like me)  have not experimented.

I've been fascinated by NVIS for many years, and my current plan is to use a buddipole configured for NVIS. But, to answer your question.. no, haven't played around with it to much yet.. On an upcoming camping trip, me and a buddy of mine will be using NVIS antenna you have in your second link (just started getting the parts this past weekend)


  I have been using NVIS for local MARS HF operation. Right now FOF2 is running about 4 MHz to 6MHz by day and 4MHz to 2MHz buy night. FOF2 is the highest frequency you can run where the signal will go straight up and come down. It changes with latitude, time of day and sunspot numbers. 200 KHz can make a big difference during day light hours. For myself I use the data from Alpena, MI.  Google real time FOF2 to find a list of sights near you for data.
  On 80 and 60 meters I find a dipole at 16 feet to work best. Good luck and good hunting.

Smurf Hunter:
I'm actively working on building a full wave 80 meter loop for field day.  I've got an old Dentron Super Tuner (transmatch), and 50 feet of ladder line ready.  I'll share pics later.

Mr. Bill:
I had to look up what the heck you guys are talking about.

From NVIS: Near Vertical Incidence Skywave

From TSP Forum:
Introduction to NVIS
HF NVIS for reliable local and distant (more secure )communications
Let's talk NVIS- best solution for comms 0 to 100+ miles?


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