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Port settings to interface with radio


I'm trying to add some new channels to my programming on my Yaseu VX-7.   Years ago i had vx-7 commander software set up on one of my old computers (which no longer exist) I re-downloaded the software again, but it no longer has the help file with the download... and for the life of me i can't remember the port settings (baud rate and all that) I'm using a USB-serial port usb adapter.. had some problems with that, but rolled back to an older driver version, and now it works, but still no luck talking to the radio. I tried CHIRP software, and no luck with that either. Any help would be appreciated. The comms between computer and radio just time out.

Thx,  GP

Ha... disregard. figured it out.  apparently i need to use my reading glasses more often.. pushing the wrong button on the radio.  8) :o

Alan Georges:
Glad you figured that one out.  Getting the right button push combo to upload/download on most Yaesu radios is an obscure art.

Smurf Hunter:
Yes.  I vaguely recall one of my Yaesu mobiles needing to be put into cloning mode to receive the program from my laptop.  Further, you can to specify if the radio was sending or receiving.  I'm not a design snob, but to me it seems a more common use case to upload memories from a PC than it would be to clone radio-to-radio.


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