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advice for a black powder newbie

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One hint - the order you load stuff is important. ;D

The first time out to zero my first muzzle loader, I only got two shots fired before i pulled a dumb dumb.  Don't get distracted


--- Quote from: womule on May 28, 2017, 11:13:41 PM ---I don't own a muzzleloader and I've never used one.  I became interested in muzzleloader rifles when I started thinking about melting lead wheel weights to cast bullets.

this seems like a great survival opportunity, but I don't know alot about the subject so I need the ask the pros a few questions.

1. would wheel weights be a great source for making my own ammunition?

2. how difficult is storing black powder?

3. what are the dangers (exploding obviously ) to storing black powder?

4. how long can you store BP?

5. what are some affordable entry level BP rifles that aren't junk.  I've noticed muzzleloaders seem to be expensive, thought they would be less expensive.

6. any other things a newb like me should know

--- End quote ---

1) Wheel weights are just fine.

2)No problems with storing in original containers, powder horns or leather gunpowder bags.

3) No dangers in storing if you keep it away from fire or sparks.

4) Pretty much for ever I should imagine, I have never experienced any degrading in black powder stored for years.

5)CVA guns are good & inexpensive compared to other brands. The kits are even less expensive again. Smoothbores are in my opinion a better choice for survival purposes & flintlock ignition, NOT percussion.

6) There is a stack of stuff you need to know to make a muzzle-loader perform well, just standard stuff, but you need to to educate yourself on the ins & outs.

Contact me if you have any specific questions.
Regards, Keith.


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