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ALERT: Active shooter & multiple homicide incidents, United States

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--- Quote from: farmnurse on September 18, 2016, 09:22:22 AM ---17 Sept 16
Minnesota Mall attack, 8 people stabbed.

--- End quote ---
and claimed by The ISIS...


The headlines could be much different.  I wonder how often things like this happen... 

--- Quote ---Separately two homeless men removed a backpack on top of a bin in a train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Police say they thought there was "something of value" inside – but it was actually packed with explosives.

The pair quickly dropped it in the middle of the street and alerted police after finding a wire and pipe.

--- End quote ---

Active shooter Skagit County Washington, cascade mall area

I'm listening to "Skagit County Police and Fire" using the Scanner Radio Android app, you can listen to it by going to


Smurf Hunter:
I was listening for 30 minutes before it was on the local news.

As info Burlington is about 90 minutes north of me.

Law enforcement sound like stumble f---s on the scanner.  Guess they are overwhelmed

I think they have him in custody, but the whole area around the Starbucks (even Walmart about 1/4 mile away) was told to shelter in place.

Jay and I were getting gas when we saw a whole bunch of PD go flying by with lights and sirens.  SWAT was called, for obvious reasons.

It's less than a mile from my house and in a usually peaceful middle class suburb.

Placed a backpack in the doorway of a local Starbucks and said it was a bomb.  Shots fired, and it's not clear what transpired with regard to that.  Someone got a chest wound, but again, it's not clear who because they said there was a suspect walking out with what appeared to be no injuries.

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