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Any advice on buying a black powder rifle?

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All that work sounds like a good winter project.   I like doing stuff like this.

If you decide to go the kit route get in touch with me by PM and I will get you links to builder forums and offer any advice I can give.

It is a great feeling to know what you are shooting was finished with your own hands.

Truth of the mater is that most custom builders order parts to customer specifications then order a stock pre-inlet to take those parts.  It is actually assembling a "custom kit" made to customer specs. 

What you are paying for with a custom gun is special trim, relief carving and historic detail, along with special finishes and experience with the processes..


I'll let you know when I get this.   Typically for me, projects start by window shopping.   I have 4 new AR lowers and an old Savage .22 I'd like to work on too, so this may be a winter project for me.


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