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--- Quote from: Mr. Bill on August 24, 2015, 08:47:49 PM ---And now for something completely different ;) please welcome our newest forum sponsor:

Date A Prepper

Date A Prepper is a free to join, online dating, and social networking community for preppers & survivalists.  Members have access to a forum and personal blogs.  When you decide that you are ready for more personal contact, simply upgrade by clicking on one of the upgrade banners and pay for a Gold or Platinum Membership, so you can communicate with members via IM, email, or chat.

This is a brand-new site, so if you join now you will be one of the founding members of the community.

--- End quote ---

Well at least that's the pitch on the site :), but for TSP, I have a special. Listen close - if you signup for free during the month of Sept. 2015, I'll upgrade you to a Platinum membership (Full access to all features) for six months free of charge. Why you ask? Date A Prepper hasn't officially launched yet, and I need bodies and content, before launch. Don't worry, if you're not wanting to date; we are much, much, more than a dating site. With six months free platinum membership, what do you have to lose.

Welcome aboard, y'all!

Mr. Bill:
FYI, we have reduced our advertising rates by 1/6th:

* $50 for 1 month
* $125 for 3 months ($41.67/mo)
* $400 for 12 months ($33.33/mo)
For complete information, please visit

(If you are a current sponsor, under our terms we will be extending your expiration date to account for the new lower rates.  Expect an e-mail within a few days.  Thank you for your support!)

Mr. Bill, how many advertisers/sponsors do we have on here?

Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: TheLastBoyscout on September 26, 2017, 05:19:27 AM ---Mr. Bill, how many advertisers/sponsors do we have on here?

--- End quote ---

Three at the moment, but I'm waiting for some possible renewals, so that'll change shortly.


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