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Introducing myself--- SD north county, new to the forum--

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Hello, my name is Craig aka "cajonezzz" ( not a reference to what you think ).

I  live in Carlsbad Ca, and discovered thesurvivalpodcast about 4 months ago. I've been listening to the archives, and also looking at a few other resources that deal with the economy, and self sufficiency.

i've got to say, at first I was a bit skeptical about ANYTHING with "survival" in the title, feeling that it was a bit as jack says "foil hat".  But then, very simply, the first time he mentioned that owning life insurance was in the same sense "preparing" for an eventuality that may or may not happen in short term-- I felt quite a bit less silly about listening in.

a little background: I'm mid 40's, with a wife of 8 yrs, a 4 yr old daughter and a 6 week old son. I've lived in California most of my life, grew up in San Diego-- and have been in the music biz for the past 25 yrs.. I've been fortunate to travel the world alot, and make a decent living. That's changed with the collapse of the music biz, but we're hanging in there, as my wife is now working and making a solid income.

We are pretty typical in so. cal....   in debt, upsidown on a half million dollar condo. We're digging out slowly, have been trying to follow Dave Ramsey to do so, but it's slow going.

I grew up hunting birds in Bakersfield with my dad and brother, and did a bit of shooting as a kid, but as of the last twenty five years, it was maybe an occasionaly trip to the range with my bro ( gun enthusiast ).

I"ve just inherited some guns from my pop... 12 and 16 guage winchester shotguns ( long barrel pumps) a Rem 760 Gamemaster 30-06 pump, and our first 22 cal rifles that we got as kids. I own a little Berretta .32  auto as my "camping and mtn biking " gun, and I'm looking into purchasing a .40 cal usp or XD  in the near future.

I'd really like to meet others in the area that are interested in prepping--- I've no interest in the paramilitary type stuff that gives survivalists the "wacko" badge... but i'm definitely into preparing for my family for what I see as the probable break down of the economy coming up.

My challenges are:   We live in a condo. Food prep storage is limited, but doable in a garage "booth" that I had originally built for a home recording studio that I's about 6.5 x7 feet x 7ft tall.

anyhow... thanks Jack!  such great info, and I'm now really comfortable that your not a "survivalist nutcase", and I appreciate your delivery so much. Thankfully, my wife is now starting to understand that being prepared is a priority, not a crazy notion.

anyone in my area like to have a beer in and put heads together on this stuff, I'd much appreciate it.


Welcome Craig!


Heya Craig.

welcome to the larger family.


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