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Gun show at Del Mar Fairgrounds March 21st. 2009



plan on going....?

Newb Survivalist:
anyone end up going?

ive never been to a gun fact i dont own a gun yet. i plan on buying one with my tax return. kind of a fuck you to the government in my own eyes.

Sorry.  Should have posted/updated here..  Duplicate from posting up in under the gun section.

Update!  Went to del mar gunshow and was pretty satisfied...  bought 2 20rd magazines modified for 10 rds for 18 a piece.  Also grabbed a red dot and a scope for 240 out the door...

Oh and i got some .223 900 rounds for $400.00   Best find yet... I got the last box...   Saw an upper that I might want but it was $850 
but did not get it...

overall very satisfied... also grabbed business cards from the guys who i bought goodies from...


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