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Farmer Frank:
Yes I am a "Winter desert rat" who escapes from the rain and snow in Washington.  Sure loving the weather here in Tucson.

Farmer Frank

Welcome Frank!

Today is my first look here but I haven't really reviewed much of the site.  It is an interesting place and subject though.  We live in Prescott Valley, Az, having moved from Montana two years ago.  Always planned to go back but now we're in love with the weather.  Hope that doesn't turn out to be regretted some day.


Sister Wolf:
Welcome, Montana.  Prescott is definitely beautiful.  There's this place in the old town square, right downtairs (like under the street) from the old, brick hotel over by the hat shop and the harley store.  It's called (I think) Grandma's cookies, or something like that.  Have you been there yet?  It's NOT a waste of time.  That place has the BEST cookies and candies I've ever had.  YUM!

Yuma here... actually, Yuma Proving Ground, 30 or so miles outside of Yuma, with 36 months to go to retirement over in Tucson...


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