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Mr. Bill:
Each of the Regional Boards has its own child board for Meet & Greet Information.  This is the place to look if you want to organize or attend a meetup with other TSP Forum members in your area.

Region Two Meet & Greet Information

All the Meet & Greet boards are off-limits to unregistered guests, and to new members until they've made a few posts.  We hope this will help to keep unwelcome people from attending your meetup.

If you're new here, and you can't see the Meet & Greet boards, just participate a bit, and you'll get access. :)

So how can you tell if there is no meet & greet info or if you are currently not invited?

I have been listening to Jack since he was in the car. I have been a member of the MSB although not currently. I have posted when I think its appropriate or helpful. I am going to the Expo in Hickory NC.

Who determines who is worthy of viewing or attending the meet and greets?

Thank you


Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: wlfhwk1 on August 29, 2012, 05:30:32 PM ---Who determines who is worthy of viewing or attending the meet and greets?

--- End quote ---

For lack of a better idea, we do it automatically based on how many posts you've made.

The idea here is to give us a chance to weed out new members who are likely to cause a problem -- e.g., they're only here to promote their business, or they're looking for recruits for their white-separatist militia, or they're stalking some particular forum member, or whatever.

Unfortunately, that means that some members who have been here a long time, but just don't have much to say, don't have access to some of the boards.  But that's why we've set the postcount limit to [A TOP-SECRET BUT VERY SMALL NUMBER THAT YOU HAPPEN TO BE VERY CLOSE TO]. ;D

Thanks Bill,
                 Good to know. I will try to be more chatty. Thanks again.



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