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hopefully Truthckur1 will check in here. He's not too far from you guys in Maine. My mom still lives in Limington (where I grew up) and my sister lives in Cornish.

Ahh, Cornish. I know some folks over that way. About an hour from here, give or take.

Im tricia
Im in worcester ma
anyone else in this area? or a meet up already organised nearby?
Im aiming to learn to garden, shoot , can, etc and id love to give free labour at a meetup in return for the experience

Hey, I'm new to this. I am in Derry NH, and would love to meet up with other homestaeders and share ideas/work/good times. We should really organize and build this community up.

Hey guys,

  Just thought Id stop in and say hi.. I was thinking there should be something similar to a regional board somewhere on here when I found a link to it :) My name is Ray, I'm 25 and married with a newborn. We currently live in Penobscot County, about an hour north of Bangor atm. We just moved back from Denver this last summer, living with my inlaws, and are looking for land/house somewhere in our greater current area.. I work in Bangor and no-where near debt free, so we are limited by my commuting.


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