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Are black powder rifles/pistols sustainable?

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Well, I have a modern "inline" muzzle loader because it extends my hunting season by 2 weeks.
I use black powder substitute most of the time, as well as shotgun primers and sabots.
I do have a mold for it just in case. 209 primers are pretty cheap when bought in bulk, and so it black powder. I guess I wouldn't want it to be my only weapon, but it is a accurate and powerful weapon.

i like 50 cals .
atm mine are cap fired , but with some simple blacksmithing could add a flash pan(thats something i should address now)
have shot 4shot out of my oldest rifle. (can damage rifeling)
DIY powder is doable (be safe and legal)
balls can be made of anything (if SHTF happens there will be useless cars ,no worries)

tools and know how are priceless
just a few thoughts

Morning folks. I'm new to the forum but think I can add something here. As background, I have been building and shooting muzzle loaders since 1981, having built 50 plus guns of various types. Of the 50, maybe three or four were caplocks, all the rest , flintlocks. Along the way I have also gathered several .22s and shotguns and the last few years took a shine to WW2 military rifles(bolt action). I cast all my own balls for my M/Ls as well as make my own flints . As I shoot in competition regularly I keep a good amount of powder on hand. Likely enough to keep me the rest of my days if it's for food gathering and protection. Now having said all this, what gun ? If you rely on a M/L for your life in the early days of a SHTF situation you'll likely die. You'll go down fast in a firefight with folks carrying Centerfires and even .22s. You'll just be completely outgunned. I suppose I'm way above average when it comes to using a flintlock efficiently and accurately but I would hold out little hope in that scenario for myself and family. I'd surely take some of my flintlocks and would use them for food gathering if I'm in a safe place but for protection I'd rely on my shotguns and my military rifles..Eventually the modern ammo will be used up or be in the hands of honorable people (would there be such a thing ?) and once we are on that more level playing field my flintlocks would be indispensable .
  I also shoot traditional archery a lot. Own several recurves and longbows. They would be my go to stuff for silent hunting .There is no one magic gun or weapon. Have several.

This is a pretty good example of "once we have technology will we ever go back?"

I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take long for someone to figure out how to hook up a piezoelectric BBQ lighter to a black powder rifle if needed.
Or one from a cigarette lighter.

I am an avid black powder shooter.  My advice, for what it is worth, is to have a smooth bore and a rifle in the same caliber. 


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