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Anyone have update on fires in Cen TX?

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The news coverage here is a joke, no one is reporting live on the enormous forest fire in Bastrop county.  I can't find any good twitter feeds either. Anyone have any updates regarding where the fire has spread to?  I would just lose my BOL but have other coworkers with houses and families out there.

I was working at the BOL this morning and afternoon, I left before things got serious but the problem is that I had no idea there was a forest fire coming, I have no means of communication out there.  I lucked out this time, will need to be proactive before the next time. 

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I found this report:


Thanks for trying but those sites are pretty vague as well.  The statesman's last update was at 8:30 last night.  I checked this morning and the news around here has no new news.  In morning meeting now, 2 of 4 of us were here, the others had to evacuate.

This report is less than an hour old at this time:

this is another report from this morning:

There will not be and never is minute by minute coverage of a wildfire for the general populous.

Something like this may be useful for those too close to the fire:


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