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Tropical Storm Lee

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When hurricanes come ashore along the Texas coast there is flooding in some areas and wind damage along the coast. Mostly, all the rain runoff goes to refill the lakes. Right now, most of Texas is very dry and the lakes are at very low levels. Bring it on.

Just drove from Lafayette, LA to Hammond, LA, thought I was gonna have  to put the pontoons on my BOV.

Sweethearts Mom:

--- Quote from: endurance on September 02, 2011, 07:48:14 AM ---Bummer.  I was really hoping that storm would keep moving west and give west Texas some relief.

--- End quote ---


Sister Wolf:
Tropical Storm Lee looks nasty right now from the satellite. Katia looks like a cake walk compared to him.

All of my thoughts will be with those who just got pounded by Irene and are about to experience yet MORE flooding from Lee. According to the 5 day forecast, Lee's gonna pound North and South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania by Thursday morning. I'm not as concerned about the states that haven't been beaten as hard (Tennessee, for example) in the last few weeks. But I sure am worried about the coastal states, and those who have already had way more than their share of adrenaline this year at the hands of Mother Nature.

Keep safe, guys. Please.

Rut Row. (my best scooby doo voice.)


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