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Tropical Storm Lee

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Alan Georges:
Tide's up maybe 3 feet above normal (near Gulfport), and... there... is... rain...  And more rain.  Heavy at times, then it lets up for an hour or so.  Winds have been mild, a few dead limbs down and garbage cans blown around.

It's a good weekend to stay in, but that's mostly due to local street drainage issues.

We got lots of rain this morning, no wind to speak of. The rain gauge read 6.5 inches in the Baton Rouge area.

The center won't pass our house until sometime tomorrow morning, and yet it has already been raining for 17 hours!

Alan Georges:
It's been raining off and on here since late morning Thursday.  A giant pain in the neck to be sure, but Lee evidently put out the marsh fires in New Orleans East, so that's a big enough plus to make it worth it.  Here's a story from last week about the fires (the picture is better than the article):
Just no way short of major rains to put these things out.  Well, we got it!

From radar, it looks like we have one more rain band coming in, and then (*trumpet*flourish*) a nice cold front packing 60 deg nights and dry air.  Hello Fall!

Mr. Bill:
Lee isn't quite done:

120,000 ordered to leave home as heavy rains threaten Pa., N.Y.

--- Quote ---...Officials are estimating that people should be prepared for a 72 hour-evacuation,  meaning they could be kept from their homes through the weekend, he said. Pieces of what was once Tropical Storm Lee have continued to move through the Northeast this week, bringing heavy rains. ...
--- End quote ---


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