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Class: Butchering a Buffalo in Portland, OR March 21, 2009

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My brother and I are teaching a class where students will process a 1000 lb. buffalo. Students will learn and experience the entire process from witnessing the death of the animal, through gutting, skinning, and taking apart the remains. Besides the meat, we will keep as many other parts as possible. Fat will be rendered, the hide will be racked for tanning, sinew will be hung to dry for future projects. We will use stone tools such as knives and flakes to do much of the work. Each student will take home 20 lbs. of buffalo meat.

The class is March 21st, 2009. Check out the website for more details if you are interested.

Oh boy!....  not bad... now, If I could only get the $$$ to drive up there.....

how much and how about kids?or something close to it in style?

The price is $125 and we set the age limit at 14 but, we're willing to make some exceptions if a parent wants to bring a child. The main concern is safety since there will be lots of knives and cutting. Check the link for more details.

I think this is a fantastic idea.

I have on more than one occasion overheard people discussing how they think hunting is wrong and that we shouldn't kill animals to feed ourselves then in the next breath say if they want meat they will just go to the store. WTH! Where do these yahoos think that meat came from, the magical meat tree?

+1 Karma from me for trying to reconnect people with the REAL source of their food.


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