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Hello from Central Kalifornia

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Just introducing myself.  I live near Modesto with my wife and 3 boys.

I found this forum when I started listening to the Podcasts.  I was led to the Podcasts through my friends at  They are having quite a forum discussion there about being prepared for the rough road ahead.

My survivalist philosophy was pretty much that of a single man until recently.  Now I'm seeing that I have 4 others to take care of besides myself, so simply running away to get by on my own isn't going to work.  That brought me here.

I haven't seen much here, and I only started listening to the Podcasts yesterday (it took a week to get my phone to play them ::)), but I'm already thoroughly hooked.

Welcome 52Degress! Look around, read some, ask questions. We don't bite... very much..

Welcome to the forums.  Sorry to hear you're behind the Red Line.  ;-]

Hey 52,
Near your AO myself.  The bay area to be more exact.  Things are going to get wild the next few years.
Not sure how many other members we have in our area, but maybe a BBQ this summer is in order.

No doubt.  Things are already pretty dicey around here.  Hope you're keeping your head down. ;)

As to a bbq, I think it's a great idea.  We should set up some kind of Nor-Cal event or something.


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