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Yeah, all of us Californians on this thread are just as angry as you.  Unfortunately, I think we've lost the war down here.  The 9th Circuit and the Pelosi crowd can pretty much do whatever they like since the state is now mostly leftists.  Schwarzenegger was voted in as a Republican that wanted to stop overtaxing.  What a wolf in sheep's clothing he turned out to be! 

Hello region 8 from Orygun.........a minority conservative in the liberal bastion of Portland.


--- Quote from: Archer on December 02, 2008, 11:21:13 AM ---Hello ssdtopgun! What area do you hail from?

--- End quote ---

Most of the time the Sacramento area, the rest of the time the Mendocino coastal area.

Yeah, we're pretty much a 5th column here in Cali.

Newb Survivalist: from sac as well. welcome (3 or so months late)


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