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Hello everyone

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Hello from the northern end of the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia.

Hello ssdtopgun! What area do you hail from?

Hello from the Southern End!
Read today's news?,0,280439.story

Welcome ssdtopgun.

As usual, CA dominates the scene!  Welcome you PRKers!  Can you do us AKers a huge favor and shut down that 9th Circuit Court?  They we have a vast amount of resources up here but 1 single black robed pin head and his Eco overlords keep stopping our ability to bring fuel to market.  Oh well, apparently over half the country is OK with continuing to get it from countries that wouldn't pee on us if we were on fire. 

Sorry, got to vent once in a while!

Berserker Prime

Oh Hey, free beer to the first person to slap the hell out of Pelosi!  Feel free not to send that evil dark lord back to DC as well! 


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