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Financial scams (online, phone, mail, etc)

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--- Quote from: ColdHaven on March 08, 2010, 11:24:45 AM ---I don't keep credit cards. Hopefully I will never use one for the rest of my life.  Good info though. +1

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I'm in the process of getting rid of them, but I've noticed that even with cards that have been canceled for years, I am still getting emails about them, even after I asked them to delete my account. Will it never end?!

We need this thread so we can give each other a heads-up about scams.

I just received a call from 973-735-5438. Its clearly a scam. The first time they called I didn't answer because I don't know the number. They didn't leave a message so I returned the call. No one answered but a pre-recorded message from verizon wireless explaining that "this number is invalid or no longer in service".

I googled the number and found out that others had the same experience.

1 hour later I get a call from the same number, a indian man answered the phone explaining that I won a vacation and needs my info.

Obviously a scam, you all don't really need warning about this one in particular but I think we should post scams to warn others.

Again the number is 973-735-5438


The "grandma" telephone scam continues to make the rounds. That's the one where con artists target older women and men and pretend to be a grandchild in trouble. their Social Security or bank account information to anyone who contacts them about the checks.

Of course, the department could help consumers enormously by not using people's Social Security numbers in their Medicare account number. Just a thought

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You mean there's just one a week?  That would be manageable if that were the case.

 ;D  ;)

--- Quote ---Of course, the department could help consumers enormously by not using people's Social Security numbers in their Medicare account number. Just a thought
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I'm with you and I've said it for years.  If people want to stop identity theft, simply stop using the Soc. Security Number as a universal identifier.  I mean, it's not like businesses and government agencies can't generate new numbers for their data bases. 

IIRC, It's actually supposed to be illegal even under the Soc. Security Act for anyone to use the Number for any purpose other than witholding and drawing Soc. Security.  But then again, illegal immigration is supposed to be illegal too...


I just got off the phone with Citibank's fraud dept, luckily I keep close tabs on my credit cards. They called me about a $1.00 charge that went through fri morn from the "SOE" corp which I didn't make and wanted me to dispute it, then informed me of a charge from South Africa this morning for $1350 which the Computers caught and flagged as fraudulent because neither have the card verification number entered and they figured it wasnt me charging in person. They informed me this was a card number that was just generated at random and have a large block of card numbers that are being scammed. Be on the lookout for a $1 charge first from the SOE corp for music then the biggie hits later on your bills. even if your guys don't use them much or at all, it's all the more reason to watch your bills for these dirtbags.

New card coming monday and new passwords just in case


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