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Title: Cultivating your inner animal
Post by: swanson on November 07, 2008, 09:02:18 PM
Cultivating your inner animal


We live in a world where at any time half of the life forms that populate planet earth are being hunted by the other half. It’s a simple fact of the food chain; if it’s smaller- eat it, if it’s bigger- run away. The “Law of the jungle” couldn’t be any simpler.

As humans, we sit at the top of the pile of predators at present so this should give way to an interesting internal audit inside each one of us. I postulate that, if pushed far enough by circumstance and danger, any human will instinctually protect itself from that which threatens its safety and existence. When you break it down, it is a simple matter of will; it is being in touch with that inner animal that makes the difference in us all. Accept it or deny it, but it’s always there under the surface or on top.

As both Warrior’s and surivors, we must scrutinize and conduct a self-study of what it means to be a predator in relationship to ourselves as individuals as well as in connection to predators in packs and even larger groups. To understand ourselves as creatures of innate violence and aggressiveness, allows us to better manage that part of our psyche and the outcomes of our own actions when we do unleash that “inner animal”.

“There is an endless split in man, and many ways to describe it. Essentially, we are at odds inside ourselves over that part of us the wants to know and control versus that part of us that wants to become and join.” – Richard Strozzi- Heckler Ph.D

 Our individual or public will combined with our relative viewpoints and positions lead to inevitable conflicts that can only be molded by the “carrot” or by the “stick” of those who will exercise violence over other human beings. While advancements in technology continue at a rapid pace, our internal software as animals never seems to get an update. Our culture of violence and aggression is a fixture and will define our reality for the foreseeable future. This is a naked fact.
Hence, humans continue to be predators feeding on each other over the resources and issues we hold dear as individuals and as packs. It really is that simple.
People who cannot kill will always be subject to those who can.
We assign ourselves to, and relate to specific personal and cultural identities and act out in a giant play of passion and violence. While some may see this as a destructive model and most regrettable, I see it as a fact of life whose understanding must be harnessed to survive. And remember, survival is the primal base urge of the predator. Violence is a natural outcome not to be avoided, but appropriately channeled.

In the end, polite conditioning and the soft expressions of culture will always give way to our barbarous qualities if given enough cause. Even peaceniks at a protest resort to violence and frenzy more often than not.

Peace truly is only a relative calm between the activities and application of force and violence. Peace, as often stated by many greater minds, is more a time of preparation for the next violent act than it is an end result or goal.

Predators are always on the watch for the next meal and the softest prey…

Which are you?

Title: Re: Cultivating your inner animal
Post by: Honorbound on November 28, 2008, 01:36:16 PM
It's called the Momma Bear Instinct.

Don't even look like you are trying to mess with my babies!!!
Title: Re: Cultivating your inner animal
Post by: ColdHaven on November 28, 2008, 03:45:58 PM
People have the ability to be animals. They have that ability because that is exactly what we are. I believe, and this is my personal theory, that society comes from acting civil. What is civility? Not acting like an animal. We developed society over time by coming to a mutual understanding of what is animal behavior and what is not. Animals kill, maim, rape, steal, and do many of the things we call 'evil'. However, we do not ascribe this trait to animals. It is as if they are given a neutral status in the whole good/bad scheme. For most of our collective cognitive existence as humans we have tried to find as many ways that we are not like animals as possible. As if our ability to reason, and use tools were enough to take us out of that category.

WE are animals. As domesticated as we have made ourselves through society we are still animals. There are vestiges of this in things we like as humans from violence to sex. All the 'sins' of humanity are just these vestiges of the animal latent in all of us. I believe you can tap into that animal nature in us. We have latent survival skills, but if we do not use them or nurture them then we are awkward with them. Does that mean prepping a BOB, having a gun, and 12 months of food mean you are in touch with your inner animal? No.

However, using our greatest asset (our mind) we are able to do something which causes us to rise up on the food chain. We can mimick other animals and what they do. For centuries man has looked to nature as a resource for good ideas. We took our minds and found a way to implement the same things animals were doing for ourselves. The same can be done in a survival situation. Listening to your inner animal is easy and the more you do it the better you become at it. Some people call it 'intuition' or 'being psychic'. I don't think it is something mystical or mysterious. I think it is the last vestiges of the animal within us that knows how to survive.

Yet, just like animals you can either be a predator, prey or ominivore  ;D Of course that means making decisions sometimes that are not civil. When society breaks down, so do the rules that hold us together. Without those society based rules people would act like animals all the time and we would kill, rape, and pillage. These are rules made up so that a large amount of humans can live in a small area without destroying each other. Do I condone not following the rules of society. Yes, and no. Of course, being civil is a form of survival and should be used appropriately. When the situation warrants it, however, sometimes trusting the animal inside you will help you survive.

That being said also learn, grow your mind, increase your skills, develop the greatest survival tool known in the Universe...your brain. Listen to those instincts which are really your inner animal. When brought together anyone can survive.
Title: Re: Cultivating your inner animal
Post by: swanson on November 30, 2008, 10:42:33 AM

Great addition to the topic.

+1 enlightening perspective!!

Title: Re: Cultivating your inner animal
Post by: CFG on March 12, 2009, 07:49:32 PM
I love what Jack says about bowhunting on one of his podcasts (can't remember which one now...)

He relates bowhunting being a true predator.  After bowhunting (which so far for me has been squirrel watching  :P) I think I could possibly agree.  I'll know if I ever shoot one.

Coldhaven, I agree with you also, but for one point.  When you say "all sins of humanity are just these vestiges of the animal latent in all of us," I have to add that there is one that is not common.  Pride sets us apart as having the greatest potential for destruction.  Which is why we are seeing corruption and greed in such a large scale among us now.  And in some of the most seemingly "civilized" members of society at that.