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Title: Dirttime 09 event
Post by: Alan Halcon on March 16, 2009, 05:21:56 PM
Dirttime 09
No Boundaries

August 23-28, 2009
San Bernardino National Forest, California

Christopher Nyerges, Dude McLean, and Alan Halcon, founders of Dirttime, are proud to announce Dirttime 09. Our Dirttime event is the nations largest of its kind offering a rich, diverse program in Modern, Traditional, and Primitive Survival Skills. This years instructors include some of the leading names in the business.

Dirttime attracts folks from all walks of life, from all over the world brought together by a common interest to learn skills that will help them become self-reliant in life.

Dirttime is excited to offer you the following for this years event


John McCann—recognized by his popular book “Build the Perfect Survival Kit”, John is a former Drill Instructor with the United States Marine Corps, and a NY State licensed guide, certified in Wilderness First Aid and Water Safety. John has also written for “Wilderness Way” and is the owner/operator of  Survival Resources and can be found at (

Jack Spirko—recognized  as one of the leading voices in survival podcasts, via (,  Jack’s common sense approach to self-reliance is unparalleled. Although, relatively new to the public eye, his shows are enjoyed by many with thousands of downloads a day.

Master Gunnery Sergeant Anderson —is an active duty Marine, whose service extends beyond thirty years, draws from his extensive experience and adventures, which provides the perfect platform for his no nonsense style of instruction.

Staff Sergeant Williams—is an active duty Marine corp. Survival Instructor whose expertise stretches beyond the basic fundamental teachings learned in the civilian sector

Mike Reagan—With over thirty years worth of trail experience, Mike’s ultra-light backpacking experience brings tons of knowledge of what works and what doesn’t when on the trail.

Grizzly Dave Jaye—a highly accomplished woodsman, hunter, and fisherman from Canada, Grizzly Dave provides a unique perspective to the great outdoors. Whether you’re a seasoned or novice outdoorsman, you’re sure to pick up additional and valuable information.

Joe Dabill—considered one of the premiere bowyers in the country, Dabill is a much sought after instructor. Whether you want to learn Flint Knapping, Tanning Hides, or making a bow, Joe’s patience and expertise will guide you through the steps.

Ron Hood—famous for his in depth knowledge and his, award winning survival skills video series. Ron has taught survival at two Universities, UCLA and California State University Northridge, consulted for television shows such as MacGyver, designed and field tested product for Jansport. Ron Hood is the owner/operator of ( and has been featured in “Wilderness Way”

Christopher Nyerges— author of, “Extreme Simplicity”, “How to Survive Anywhere”, and several other titles, Christopher is internationally known and recognized as a premiere survival skills instructor, he has been teaching “the skills” since 1974. He is the editor and a writer for "Wilderness Way" magazine. Christopher has had over 2500 articles, all related to the survival skills, published in his career.

Paul Campbell—known for his book “Survival Skills of Native California”, he teaches primitive skills at Wintercount and Rabbitstick and is a sought after speaker. Paul has also been featured in “Wilderness Way”, and is enjoying the release of his latest book “Earth Pigments and Paint of the California Indians”

Web Crittenden—Web is an active climber, guide and hiker in New York State. Having climbed on four continents and in many countries, he still loves the variety of his native Northeast. He is a graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School and several professional training programs. He has taught everything from Heavy Rescue to mud pies to diverse groups ranging from professional soldiers to mobs of toddlers. He has helped build, train and field SAR teams as well as develop training programs in several fields.
Brian Phaneuf—a co-founder of Immediate Action Services, an Alberta based EMS company, Brian is the founder and executive officer of Remote Areas Emergency Medicine and Survival (, an Alberta training entity focused on emergency medical and survival training for the public. He has brought 37 years of wilderness first aid experience to his classes. A large part of the company's time is devoted to providing emergency medical talent for various Rocky Mountain events, such as cross country motorcycle races and rock scrambling events.

Dude McLean—Dude is a former United States Marine and his depth of knowledge of modern and primitive survival skills spans over 50 years. He is a field editor, writer and photographer for "Wilderness Way" magazine, A Los Angeles City Emergency Response Team Member, and Survival Instructor. Dude is a sought after speaker and consultant in emergency preparedness, who’s credits include consulting in the entertainment industry.

Alan Halcon—Alan is a field editor, writer and photographer for "Wilderness Way" magazine. Record holder of the handdrill at 2 seconds, author of the informative booklet, "The Hand Drill," (available at or the a member of the City of Los Angeles's Emergency Response Team, a Survival Instructor, and a proud certified instructor/provider for The American Red Cross CPR and First-Aid Training, is FEMA certified in NIMS, As well as a consultant in the entertainment industry.


Survival Resources
Hoods Woods
Legacy Knives
Tops Knives
Major Surplus
Remote Area Emergency Medicine and Survival
Equinox Coronado
Wilderness Way
… More on the Way


Communications – How-to, what you need, emergency plans, explained in simple direct terms

First-Aid –Be trained in emergency first-aid, that includes urban, suburban, wilderness, and delayed response applications. Upon completion of course, one will receive Red Cross Certification. (8 dollar processing fee for if you wish to receive a card from the Red Cross)

Primitive Traps and Nets – Hands on construction and applications.

Passive Heating and Cooling – Practical approaches to keeping you warm and keeping your food cool without the use of electricity or ice.

Wild Plant Use and Identification
– identification and uses of wild plants

Primitive fire-making – Hands on instruction on proper tools and applications of the hand-drill, bow and drill, and Egyptian bow and drill.

Bronze Knife Casting – Demonstration and instruction in this ancient art of weapon making

Survival Kits – From mini kits to bug out bags.

Survival Gardening – Practical tips and tricks to growing a survival garden.

Ultra-light backpacking and camping – gear, demonstrations, explanations and applications

Tarp Craft – learn how to use the right configuration depending on the environment

Knife and Axe – proper etiquette, care of, use and sharpening

Bowmaking – from tillering to stringing you’ll walk away with a functional bow ($100 material fee payable to the instructor)

Tracking and camouflage – from hunting to tactical


Special Musical Guest Performance

"Riders of the Purple Sage" (

In addition to the classes and entertainment the event package also include the following:

Three meals a day (including great Dutch oven fare)
Shaded patios
Group Fire Rings
Showers (bring quarters)
Flush Toilets
Running Water
Hiking Trails
Barbecue grills
Pets Allowed (must be kept on a leash at all times… NO EXCEPTIONS)
Plenty of tent sites

Registration and Fees

All fees cover everything listed except where noted

Adults – $175
Spouse - $125
17 and under – FREE (must be accompanied by a paying adult)

Please note: there are no scheduled activities for children. All children are the sole responsibility of their parent or Guardian

We accept check, money orders, credit cards (via Paypal), Paypal

Please email for payment information (exact location details will be given upon receipt of payment)

This event is limited in capacity so early registration is suggested. Last year we filled to capacity and had to turn people away

Cancellations and Refunds

We must be notified 45 days prior to the 23 of August of any cancellations to receive a refund.

For more up to date information please visit

All classes and instructors are subject to change