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The public is going to think even worse of "our kind"...

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As if we didn't have a negative stigma attached to our community already, CCN states this Alabama Shooter was a "self-proclaimed survivalist"

SAMSON, Alabama (CNN) -- The man who killed 10 people, then himself, in a shooting rampage in southern Alabama had failed in his dreams both to become a U.S. Marine and a police officer, and was depressed and unhappy with his life, investigators said Thursday.

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You know I feel horrible for his victims, but this just pisses me off......... No freaking wonder the public thinks so negatively of people who own semi-autos and prepare..... We have morons going out killing people because life was hard on them....... Boo-Freaking-Hoo! If things are so bad and you need to kill someone, just off yourself!

That guy was not a (SURVIVALIST) .He was a loon.(SURVIVALIST) is a blanket label for any one that doesn't fit in to any normal label.The kid had issues and was well armed but that doesn't make him a (SURVIVALIST)

Couldnt agree more...... According to the media, if you own semi-autos and go on a shooting spree, then you are a survivalist..... i.e. survivalists are unbalanced and each one will probably kill 10 or more people in their life, so we should outlaw these weapons to prevent that.

Why call yourself a survivalist if the goal is to die?  Doesn't sound like surviving to me.

An SKS is not an assault rifle.

This situation is actually a clear example of why concealed carry should be allowed...  Also a good example of why we should show good character to the people we meet.  That "shy" coworker you picked on might come back to haunt you later.  With a gun.


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