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Any plans for food production workshops?


I got your DVD for Christmas and have really learned much. You go out of your way to make the fundamentals very clear to someone who is new to country living. I really appreciate such a high quality product.  The butchering section may not be for the faint at heart but it made it clear what needs to be done and how.

What was in the tin that you opened just after the rabbit and the broomstick part?

Also, since you are having workshops at your place for hunting/trapping, have you considered having workshops on the subject of food production?


I use tabacco for an offering during the butchering.  a neighbor grows a small quantity each year and gave me some - I am planning on growing a small plot for myself this year.  I don't smoke, but aside from ritual use, tabacco has other insecticide uses. 

Part of the reason we made the DVD was teaching the workshop over and over again got just a tad bit tiresome.  It certainly helped to refine and hone the material....  At the moment, we are offering these primitive skills workshops - and organizing workshops is a lot of work, so doing more than one a month is unrealistic.  Whenever we have a workshop, a 'farm tour' comes along with it.  We are considering the idea of some workshops going in depth on a topic - forest gardening, or something like that.  Perhaps for the spring planting of leuceana - that will add a 'hands-on' component.

I recieved the DVD a couple weeks ago. Lots of good information there and I like the way it was presented.

Seeing you mention a spring planting of Leuceana brings back a question I had. I was excited about it's uses as a livestock fodder as we have Rabbits, Chickens, and Sheep, but as I read the supplemental material on the second CD I came across the warnings about the mimosene content and how it should not be fed to Sheep and should make up only 5% of poultry rations.

I guess my question is whether humans should also limit the intake of this plant since we are non-ruminants?


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