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Title: Smith and Wesson 4505 or 4506 Review
Post by: ModernSurvival on January 21, 2009, 10:00:24 AM
I say 4505 or 4506 because I am all but sure these are the exact same gun with a new part number.  I have owned two, I shot one until it finally broke (10s of thousands of rounds) and bought another one, which should say something about my view of it.  Here is a picture of one of them. 


As you can see other then being plastic and having an orange tip it is very much a clone of a S&W 1911.  Unlike many of the blow back all metal guns this gun DOES NOT have all the moving parts.  The safety and mag release both are accurate in form and function though.  The gun comes with two mags and I recommend that you shoot it with .2 grain bb's.

Published Velocity Specs from this gun (from most not all spec sheets)

.12 Grain BBs - 315 FPS
.20 Grain BBs - 290 FPS

This is about as fast as any lower end spring powered cock and shoot gun is currently spec'd at.  Having shot a lot of low end springers (as cock and shoot spring guns are called) this is one of if not the best in its price point.  I have seen the gun online for 40-60 bucks but most retail stores like Dicks or Academy have this gun for about 29 dollars.

The gun usually comes with a sticky target and some .12 BBs, the .12s won't hurt it so you may as well shoot them.  They are NOT biodegradable though so think about where you shoot them.  When I got my first one of these I knew very little about Airsoft and shot mostly the .12s because that was what was mostly in the stores.  After trying .20s I will never do anything else. You get much more consistent shooting with them.

Accuracy?  I shoot at a plywood silhouette (I'll post  pick later) the smallest is 2 inches wide by 4 inches tall with a rounded top.  The gun is capable of consistent hits at about 20 yards (60 feet) as you back up wind, drop, etc start to make hits harder.  At 50 feet indoors with out wind you can hit a quarter. (many shooters can't shoot a quarter at 50 feet with any gun consistently so at 50 feet the gun is more accurate then many shooters)

It is very easy to hit a man sized upper silhouette at up to 35 yards once you know where to hold.  Not many springer pistols under 40 bucks will do this, certainly not consistantly, the Beretta M9 clone is the only other one I know of (first hand)  in this price point in this league of performance. 

I also have a non blow back CO2 powered pistol I will review later.  It shoots much harder on a full charge then the the smith but beyond 10 yards can't begin to touch the accuracy.

The down side of this pistol is the very light weight of it, this makes learning to shoot it to its potential take some effort.  This is also good though, because this gun is  great in its' ability to force you to shoot with out pulling, jerking, etc.  Due to the light weight all errors are magnified and when shooting white pellets very visible to you.  In short you know what you did wrong every time you miss.

The rate of fire is slow, less fun but great for practice and training.  This isn't a gun a lot of gamers are going to carry as a side arm (though it has merit as a medium range quite sniping tool there) but for a low cost entry gun to get into the sport, start target shooting and have good accuracy, range and velocity, I don't know of anything better in the pistol category. Very solid buy at 29-40 bucks street price.

Title: Re: Smith and Wesson 4505 or 4506 Review
Post by: Shadowrider on January 21, 2009, 05:06:22 PM
Thank you, Jack.  :D This post is a BIG help.

I'm not sure yet from reading about it here and online if you can buy biodegradable BBs for it. Have to get work done today, then I'll be reading more.
Title: Re: Smith and Wesson 4505 or 4506 Review
Post by: ModernSurvival on January 21, 2009, 05:38:03 PM
You can use biodegradable pellets with any airsoft gun, they are all 6mm in caliber.  I am working on a FAQ for a sticky post, should be done this week