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I'm harvesting some honey from my hives. It's mostly meadowsweet and viper's bugloss. Very light (almost white honey), sweet, intensely aromatic. The bugloss is really the primary flavor. While the taste of the honey is mild, the scent is really strong. I'll be doing 20 gallons of that as straight mead, but will have some honey left over that I'm willing to experiment with.

As it's my first time using honey from those plants in a mead recipe, I'd like to try using some herbs for a more complex flavor. Has anyone used bugloss honey in mead? Any suggestions on what other ingredients may work well with it? My instincts tell me to go with a sharp taste, or maybe bitters, but I've learned some honeys don't react well with that. There's a ton of info about the honey to be found, but it's little mentioned in mead making.

To anyone who's experiences with light, floral honeys, I'm open to suggestion. Thanks.

interesting question, you might want to ask on


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This is my first go-to

And don't forget Cats Meow:


Great links, looking forward to trying some of those recipes!

I just put a batch of Joe's Ancient Orange Mead


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