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--- Quote from: eph2 on October 01, 2011, 09:33:17 AM ---I just hate it when people don't get taxed on their own ingenuity!

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I know right ha! Sorry for the lack of activity I was struck down by the flu.. in the mean time..I have nothing to report..but that's a good thing no mold or odd film has appeared on two more weeks..hopefully I will see some wild Apple or honey yeast doing It's thing..


--- Quote from: FromScratchWoman on September 29, 2011, 07:55:31 PM ---This is fantastic... I'm in the very first stages... using wild yeast off an un washed organic apple{wild apple yeast} and preservative free cider... made some quick air locks,and im off and runnig! this will be consumed but im in it for the starter! Once i have a good apple yeast starter I can make a gallon of hard cider in five days...
I will keep everyone up to date as things come along... I hope people love this idea as much as i do..  ;D

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I like that set up, and inexpensive bubblers. What are the jugs? Are they plastic or glass? One gallon?
Thanks, DWhoppy


--- Quote from: dwhoppy on November 09, 2011, 10:33:16 AM ---I like that set up, and inexpensive bubblers. What are the jugs? Are they plastic or glass? One gallon?
Thanks, DWhoppy

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The jugs are one gallon glass jars from wallyworld I got for just under 5$ a piece,the lid doesn't really screw on tight as they're cookie jars so I put two or three layers of plumbers tape and it did the trick..I've been so busy I haven't been on the form much so my reporting is slackin..but I now have a fantastic wild starter..took a little over a week for the yeast to come to life I let it darn near die off poured off most of the juice then added half cup of sugar and a half cup of juice..its alive foams like crazy when I feed..then after a day or two of it really bubbling the airlock I take a cup out of my organic cider (glass jug) and switch it out with a cup of my starter in about five days its ready to be re bottled and put in the fridge to stop fermentation..its not dry at all or overly sweet and is nice and carbonated..and you can really taste the Apple!

Thanks for the information, been thinking about trying this myself!

Olympic Wanderer:

--- Quote --- Freezing it will accidentally make a 40% proof brew. Accidentally freezing a second time after removing the ice will make it 80 proof.
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Is this a typo? I think I know what was meant to be said, but some clarification would be nice:
1st freeze yields 40 proof/ 20% ?
2nd = 80 proof / 40% ?

or 1st = 40% alcohol, 2nd = 80% or 160 proof? I can't imagine that to be the case.


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