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This is fantastic... I'm in the very first stages... using wild yeast off an un washed organic apple{wild apple yeast} and preservative free cider... made some quick air locks,and im off and runnig! this will be consumed but im in it for the starter! Once i have a good apple yeast starter I can make a gallon of hard cider in five days...,_but_quick_&_easy.html

..left is Apple peels and raw honey,middle is the same organic cider but with just raw honey(hoping it has good wild yeast content) and the third is organic un washed apple peel and cider the original instructions..

I will keep everyone up to date as things come along... I hope people love this idea as much as i do..  ;D

Looks like an apple cyder octopus! let us know how it goes...

Smurf Hunter:
I recently did similar, but used champagne yeast and 2 food grade buckets.  Including a racking cane, and airlocks spent about $20.

I would warn with using the champagne yeast, as it's aggressive.  Your cider will end up very dry if not careful.  I also bottled mine a little too soon, and should have let it settle longer.

i like this paragraph:

By the way, don't put your hard cider into a freezer. Much  of the water will turn to ice and the very drinkable liquid you have left over is much stronger and is called home-made Apple Jack, which is illegal in most states because it hasn't been taxed. Freezing it will accidentally make a 40% proof brew. Accidentally freezing a second time after removing the ice will make it 80 proof.

I just hate it when people don't get taxed on their own ingenuity!


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