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How to power Powerex AA/AAA charger with solar?

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So my wife says to me: "you want to buy rechargeable batteries and a charger to have a long steady supply of batteries in a power outage, how do you plan to charge them with no electricity?"  My response was that I would use my inverter... but then I got to thinking, why would I go from DC (car battery) to AV(inverter) back to DC (battery charger)? 

My questions:

1.  Can this charger be run on DC?

2.  How would I set up a solar/battery bank to run the charger?

I am talking about this charger:

These batteries:


  Sorry,but the DIN plug from your power supply to your charger unit reall would require more effort that the return.
Look for a charger that uses a two conductor barrel connector and a 12 volt wall wart type power block so 120 or 12 volts
can be used with a proper cable.

See some examples at links below.

  You are wise to avoid the solar chargers with built in solar panels as they suffer from typically poor performance and often the sun
is not cooperative during weather emergencies so you need a solar system that includes a battery storage.

Great stuff thank you.  You are suggesting these chargers because they can run on 12 VDC correct?  So the the next issue would be setting up a battery and solar panel to charge the battery. I am sure that this is very to get set up and would be fairly cheap to do.  Any suggestions?

Smurf Hunter:
I have a couple of the Nitecores - as recommended by Carl.

Consider the case I'm on a long camping trip.  Have vehicle, but no grid power.

Using the cigarette lighter adapter:

Or in my case I have a system more like this, but same concept.


Rather than running off a vehicle battery, you could easily adapt something like this to any 12vdc power source.

Looks like a good set up, I will look into that more.  I am going doom and gloom here, no power for months, out of gas so no car batteries.....any idea what a solar setup would look like for charging those AA/AAA batteries? 


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