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He can't really know his average bill unless he is in the 1800 sq ft home uses 750 KWH average per month,
but I have gas water heating and rarely need the gas central heat,though the summer Air Conditioner may balance the equation...
my average electric bill is $75 . A grid tied system will only pay back at wholesale rate (about 2 1/2 cents KWH) in my area
so GRID TIED does not pay back and the battery cost is such that a fully off grid would not make a break even point even in a 40 year period
the last time I hurt my head with math and the power company hit me with the cost to add solar to my home.

So my BOL is my off grid test and the diesel/demand with 10 KW battery works pretty good so far with my 2 week at a time full time occupation...
but to be fair,the BOL needs no AC or HEAT as it is constant 68 to 72 degrees with a small dehumidifier running part time.
But then solar is not about what you can run...but what you can do without.

Plan your system around as few electric appliances as possible and you may find that it CAN WORK as solar ,with tax incentives,might just work
with a lifestyle change.


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