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Solar Power Off Grid Near Seattle..

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Yes I know it's not your lightsaber Luke, but I don't really care...  No Hydro available, Wind would have to have a 50' + tower...  I am looking at piecing together an ML Solar system with a battery back up with 12 batteries..  Any luck from anyone up there.  I lived in Oly, and Tacoma for 5 years, so yes I know the winters and the beautiful summers...

I know a bunch of people in northern BC who run solar and a 12 battery bank and run more things that I ever imagined. Like welders, big screeen TV etc. Their cookstove is a HUGE wood cookstove (like a 12 burner, never seen anything like it) in the winter, propane in the summer. Washer, dryer, fridge, freezers are propane.


CEDAR!!!!!!  How are you!!  it's Keith from Zello....  Awesome news!!  We are looking At Harstine Island to maybe build an off-grid house...

Alan Georges:
Not in the area, but here's a great solar 101 article:
It's getting a little dated on the particular parts, but the fundamentals still apply.  Hope it helps.

KEITH!!! How are you?!? Let me look up a couple YouTubes for you that you might want to really look at. I think this island is in the same area as you are looking at (maybe?) and it is also 100% off-grid for power and water. I am unclear if it is a vacation home or full time residence. It might be a few minutes, but I will look for them now.



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