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Need HELP! 9.1kW solar system charging batteries with my generator.

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The "double PV center" he said he had in his first post, is a standard offering from different distributors and includes two MidNite Solar Classic 150 MPPT Charge Controllers:

He then said, again, that he had two controllers in his next post.  He doesn't need a third, nor a transfer switch to connect both grid AC and a generator with to his Radian GS8048.

C/20 was only referenced my me because it's what the battery manufacturer uses as the basis for the recommended/maximum charge rate for that line of batteries, I posted a link to it.

"At the end of the day the battery bank under a nominal load obviously relative  with what he has turned on will yield approx 4 hours before fully depleting the usable voltage".... sorry?  He didn't provide any details on what the expected aH/Wh draw was, what are you basing "approx 4 hours" on?

What's apparent from any casual reading of the OP's question is that tdry253, as 3 of us here have said or implied, is that he's mistaken when adding the amperage of each battery when they are connected in series.  He came here with a question, how long will it take to charge the bank from the generator?  His conundrum likely resulting from adding the amps of the batteries and it not making sense, which is reasonable enough.  What he got back was that his system was mis-sized, misconfigured, and/or that he required additional hardware.  But the answer to his question is simply: 5 hours at the manufacturer's recommended rate or 2 at the maximum rate. 

His system is not misconfigured or mis-sized based on any information we have about its intended use.  If anyone thinks otherwise, let's see the worksheet/spreadsheet/math based on how he said he plans to use it and why, as designed, it's inadequate for that task.

Unicorn Rainbow Sprinkles:
I might not be very smart with tghis subject, but it looks like the easy solution here is.
1. Run you place off the generator if the batteries get too low and have a trickle charger set up to recharge the batteries. 

This works in my brain, so it probably won't work in real life.

CIDYLand BAD_APPLE,it was not your math that was in question,but the battery capacity and speed at which the original post/poster expected to charge the strangely undersized battery ,though now I also understand more his grid/sellback strategy. I don't claim to have expertise on this subject and suggested he seek out expert advise. I do know however that forcing too fast a charge on a battery will damage or severely shorten it's life.


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