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So here it goes.....I just signed a contract with 1800solarusa. I'm getting 28ea solar Maxx black series panels each with micro-inverters. It's a grid tie system that has an expected max out put of 7.45kw hr.
Does anyone else have any experience with these guys? I'll keep you all updated it how this turns include pics when the install comes.....

I am interested in this, i keep looking into solar but keep finding it to costly

I have more of a concern in general about these contracts. Let me know if your contract did or didn't include the following

1. They own the panels
2. You pay them a monthly fee for the electricity which is set in price no matter how much you generate
3. They get all federal tax credits for the panels since they own them and not you.
4. They get your SRECs or whatever state credit your state offers
5. Your contract is 20 years
6. You are tied into the grid
7. When the grid goes down, your panels are cut off too and you have no power.
8. If you sell your house and the new owners do not want to sign the solar contract, your contract becomes due upon sale of the house.
9. The cost difference between your reduced electric bill and the cost of the solar contract may turn out to be net zero.

I know it sounds pessimistic but if those solar companies didn't make money, I wouldn't have sales people at my house every weekend, and robo phones calls twice a week

I hope your contract is different than the one I describe above.

Good luck

cool, not heard of them, let us know how it goes.

So,you get solar....without the benefits of having solar.

you don't own the panels...
You are grid tied,no emergency power....
sounds like a great way to pay someone else for your power....
7 KWH time 5 hours or so a day is about $3.50 worth of power per day
I don't get it....I see no advantage or savings for the consumer.


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