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--- Quote from: iam4liberty on March 11, 2017, 07:28:19 AM ---Looks like we have our first full scale experience to look at.  Should be interesting. Solar + battery is delivering at 13.9 cents per KWH which is half the cost of current diesal based electricity for the island.  So it looks like a positive payback for remote applications now.

More cool images:

Tesla built a huge solar energy plant on the island of Kauai

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Karma fo IAM4 , this is the kind of application that solar does 'shine' with.

This is looking promising:

It is rare these days for scientists to use the brute force method of experimentation to move science forward.  It harkens back to Edison's incandescent bulb filaments. Now if some talented theoretician could go back and figure out why this compound works we could see some serious changes in how we leverage batteries.


--- Quote ---now in collaboration with electric car company Tesla, Dahn aims to make a battery that lasts 30 years.
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